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EE Senior Design Projects

  1. Sep 20, 2012 #1
    Hi all, I'm curious about what you guys did for a senior year project. Even though I'm still far from graduating, I'm already thinking about senior design.

    Anyone have any ideas for an EE project that involves mechanical engineering as well? Maybe that wouldn't be feasible since as an EE major I wouldn't have much mechanical knowledge, let alone mechanical design experience.
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    Try a SLIM, Single-Sided Linear Induction Motor... it's interesting, has good EE theories (mainly about motors, of course), but requires a nice mechanical design too.
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    ^Thank you, I will definitely consider that.

    What about a robotic arm? Could a team of EEs do that or would the mechanical design aspects be too complicated to learn within the amount of time we would have?

    If I want to practice mechanical design on my own, would SolidWorks be the best software to learn since that's the industry standard?
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