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EE Senior Project

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    What type of electronics project did you design? What do you think would be a good project? Right now I'm leaning towards a wireless project.
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    From your profile, it looks like you're mainly a sofware guy. What mix of software, off-the-shelf hardware and custom hardware do you want in your project?
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    dduardo, this is probably the first time i have seen you posting in this forum. I've even asked you already why are you a EE and you don't even post here :D Wireless is what I'm interested in myself so I would say to go with that, just try to come out with something new.

    Have you thought about doing a wireless messenger. Anyway it is basically just sending messages at some discrete frequency over a local area. Applications could be around UM's campus LOL.
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    I am not there yet, but i have heard of other's: the coolest was robot-hand tracking human-hand movement.
    Robotics or chip design sounds interesting.
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    Design a garage door opener that you wear on your head and which
    responds to the mental command "open the garage door".
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