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EE Textbooks

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    I'd like to learn about how the fundamentals of how power works and how circuit theory works, while actually keeping a continuum between the fundamentals. In otherwords, I have a BS in physics, and am MSEE, picked up a book on circuit theory, and it was filled with rules with no physics-backed explanations. I understand some concepts are built on a higher level, and it's sometimes futile to dive into the physical explanations entirely.

    Any great textbooks to read and keep on the shelf for

    Circuit Theory

    BS Physics
    MS Electrical Engineering

    I am just looking for the names of some texts to pick up to flip through, and that are worthy to keep around. I learned out of the book all through college and grad school anyway.
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    If you want a book that really goes into the physics basis of electrical circuits, then look for a book by Bode written about 1943.
    (Network Analysis and Feedback Amplifier Design)
    It derives the real part sufficiency equations directly from the dispersion relations (Kramers-Kronig relations) you learned about in physics books.
    It is treated in Vol. 2 of Morse and Feshbach. Jackson discusses it, but not specifically for electric circuits. Real part sufficiency means that if you know the real part of a passive circuit impedance at all frequencies, the imaginary part is completely determined at all frequencies (it is causally related).
    Bob S
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    My favorate is:


    Paul Horowitz
    Winfield Hill

    Cambridge university press 0 521 29837 7

    It's an excellect reference book, that i continuously refer too, it's always within reach of me.

    Great book IMO...
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    What aspects of power? Do you mean like AC Mains power, transmission, conversion and use? Or do you mean power electronics like in power supplies, motor drives, display drivers, etc?

    What aspects of Circuit Theory? Analog, digital, IC design, opamps, DSP, A/D D/A Signal Processing, RF, what? (or all?)

    Some more details of what you are looking for would help us offer suggestions.
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