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EE to physics grad

  1. Oct 30, 2007 #1
    I am currently an Electrical Engineer. I have a ba in ee/business . i realized i made the wrong choice-- i want to teach physics at the university level.

    i live near albany and there are 2 colleges here that have masters/phd programs...

    the websites are difficult to follow in terms of reqs so im going to ask here although obviously some reqs would depend on the university. i hope to get a general answer.

    what do i have to do??????????????????????????????? lol

    do i have to get an undergrad in physics? do i have to take undergrad courses and then apply for masters?

    do i apply for masters and phd? then, is it just a plain "physics" degree or do i have to specialize in one area of physics??

    how can i do this and live? it seems like all the posts i see are people who are still under care of parents or whatnot. is this possible to do when i have to work to survive?
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