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  1. I am doing project which having eeprom in its circuitary. Designed people are saying that , EEprom having 6,10,8,7,9 address. I am really new to this and can any one tell me waht is these address in eeprom?
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  3. I am sorry but your question as stated makes little sense. What is the project, what are the technical requirements, what is the development board you chose for it and why, why and what EEPROM is in it?
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    Either those are the possible number of bits for various eeproms, or those are the pins used for addressing on a specific eeprom. Unless you care about the internal order of data in the eeprom, you could just use those pins in numerical order, 6,7,8,9,10, for addressing the contents of the eeprom.
  5. yes, now i understand bit that those are pins. Can you explain bit more about those pins.
  6. This is the point where you should have, or download, the specification document of your processor board, and possibly the components on it, and start reading.

    Every question after that, reread your school books, and ask your professors concise questions before posting here.
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    In addition to Marco's board-level comments, you should get the product number of the EEPROM chip, and download the datasheet for it. Any questions you have for us about the chip should reference the pages where the discussion is in the datasheet.
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    An exception to where you would care about the internal addressing order is if the eeprom has some internal segmentation, where entire segments can erased, locked, or unlocked via a single sequence of inputs. You really need to get the manual for the eeprom and the board you want to mount the eeprom onto.
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