Eew! Velvet

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Eew! Velvet!!

I don't like velvet. It's odd, I know but the reason why I don't like velvet is not as simple as " I just don't". It just so happens that when I touch velvet, I start getting goose bumps, (even just thinking about it..) and eventually get frustrated (and eventually angry at the velvet). So why does this happen? What kind of chemical reaction causes me to get goose bumps when I touch the velvet?

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Loren Booda
Obviously repressed conflict toward Elvis (the Velvet) Presley.
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I don't listen to Elvis. This is a serious matter. Anyone else have any ideas?
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You could have a medical condition, like your nerves or something. Or maybe you had a traumatic velvet incident in your early childhood...
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She wore EewwwwwwWW Velvet...

I suspect it is all in your mind (though that is chemical too) not some chemical process taking place between your fingers and the material.
How are you when it comes to fingernails being run across a blackboard, any cringing?
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Loren Booda
Consider Obsessive Compulsive Disorder (OCD). Consult your physician for an accurate diagnosis if this condition interferes with your well being.
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if your seriously freaked out like that you should see a doctor and have them recommend a specialist in associative behaviors. or something like that i cant remember what its called exactly?
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Loren Booda

If this is actually an illness, it is more likely related to OCD than to dissociative disorders. "Velvet" may thus be subconsciously and irrationally associated with tactile "uncleanliness."
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I think velvet is very, very beautiful and everything, but when I touch it, (with finger nails especially) I get goose bumps. Even just thinking about it. I get a tickling sensation, and thhen I get goosebumps. The only time I don't get goose bumps is when I'm touching it with the palms of my hands.

I'm very neutral to noises like finger nails being run across a black board. I don't like silence; I'm always listening to music of some sort (NEVER rap!!).
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Loren Booda
A friend of mine loved to stroke her sons' heads after they got a "buzz cut." I think velvet is far cry from stroking a cat, dog, bunny, etc. or intimate relation. Adopt a pet if you can accept the responsibility, or (seriously) visit a petting zoo. The animals there are wonderful to the touch!
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I think it is a psychological aquisition created by an association with a painfull or alarming thing in childhood. I read that in the 60's, tests were done on babies (tests which are now outlawed)to see if this was true. Toddlers were put in an empty room with something like a rabbit or a soft blanket, and they liked it. A few hours later, they introduced the harmless items back in, this time with a loud bell (similar to a school bell). This alarming bell made the baby cry. They repeated this same thing 10 or so times, and waited for 3 days. After 3 days, a rabbit was put in front of the baby. Without a bell or any other alarms or harm, the baby began to cry. The same results came with the blanket. This is often why people are terribly afraid of harmless things such as clowns. I dont think it is so much as a chemical condition, but more of an aquired fear of something.
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I would drape myself in velvet if it were socialy acceptable.