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Effect Bifinda - Brauna

  1. Jul 16, 2008 #1
    hello everybody
    I have even heard about the effect Bifinda - Brauna
    I don't understand it
    who know this effect can help me to answer about it
    what is it
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    three frame silver paper fly in the asmosphere in the room
    no wind
    they are connected with 1 electric wire 20000 V
    in room smell the ozone
    this is a experiment it was practiced by the student russian
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    Doc Al

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    Do you have a reference?
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    what do you tell about
    I want to know this effect
    the experiment is a news of magazine russia
    I don't know the name of magazine because I don't know russian.But I know if translate from vietnamese into english , the name means "young techniques person"
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