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Effect of Gravity

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    Dear Friends,

    I have started a problem, in wave propagation, I am confused in two things

    If we have Cartesian coordinates OX1X2X3 with X3 is considered toward the center of Earth,

    and material is considered to be of Half space,

    1) I need to know the effect of gravity on wave propagation through the material

    in a research paper it is given,

    - (Rho)(g)(partial w/partial x) this term is given along X1 axis
    no effect along X2 axis
    + (Rho)(g)(partial u/partial x) along X3 axis

    can any one please give me any hint how these effects of gravity appear in equation along these axis,

    where velocity U(u,0,w)
    If it is hard to understand, then I am attaching the artical,in which equation 3 is the to be considered,


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    AND PLEASE if any detail of granular medium, its stress strain relation is given then it will also be very supportive,
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