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Effect of learning on genetics

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    hi guys.do u think some habit learned by someone can be passsed on to his or her children?
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    It certainly cannot be passed on genetically, but upbringing and environment play roles as well. So a child could pick up a habit from their parents simply because the child sees the parent performing the behavior and wants to mimic it.
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    thanks alot.but i have an impression that that has alot to do with evolution.is that the case?
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    jim mcnamara

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    There are epigenetic effects - enviromental effects on genetic material - that are passed on to offspring. Some are obvious - exposure to radiation or mutagens - increases the likelihood of genetic defect diseases in children of parents who were exposed.

    Another effect is the apparent DNA effects found in mothers and offspring living after a famine

    So this does indicate that while envrionment can damage DNA, learning in and of itself does not damage DNA.
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