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Effect of pH on enzyme activity

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    I did an experiment and i AM A FIRST YEAR STUDENT AND I NEED HELP EXPLAINING WHAT TOOK PLACE. I ADDED 1% STARCH TO THREE TEST TUBES AND THEN 1 DROP IODINE. THEN IN ONE THE TUBE I ADDED 3 DROPS OF 1M NaCl AND then to another i added 3 drops 1M HCl and then i added to the last one i added 3 drops of water. i observed that the solution with NaCl took 75 sec to turn colourless or clear , THE SOLUTION WITH 1M HCl never changed and the solution with water took 180 second to turn colorless....How do i explain what really happen.
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    You're already explained what -happened- just fine.

    What happened to the enzyme in each test tube?

    Also, this should be in the homework forum.
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