Effect of space of human body

  1. Would someone with a disorder that results in the inability to carry the total of 4 hemoglobin per RBC survive longer in space without a suit (even if just a fraction of a second) than someone with 100% hemoglobin carrying potential due to their decreased O2 level?
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    Why would having less of an ability to maintain oxygen result in them surviving longer?
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    Considering that you would die of asphyxiation I would guess that no, it would not, as you would have less oxygen in your blood and still be consuming the same amount as a normal person.
  5. I was wondering if it would result in less of an expansion of the body
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    No. Once oxygen binds inside your blood cells it is no longer a gas. Also, expansion of the body has nothing to do with how long your live in space. Your skin expands but is still airtight, so you aren't bursting at the seams or anything like that. You will lose consciousness quickly and then die from lack of oxygen.
  7. Thank you. I guess I don't understand why the body expands to begin with. It was explained in class that it is due to how has air pressure as opposed to the lack of any in space.

    Can anyone explain why there is any expansion?
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