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Homework Help: Effect of water temperature on fish respiration

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    As the temperature of water gets colder will fish breath slower or faster?

    This is part of an experiment I have to do, but I dont know what the hypothesis should be. I think the fish will breath slower but I dont know why.? :confused:
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    It depends on the initial temperature.
    If it is higher than a reference temperature, for example, fish is quite active at room temperature or below, then, decreases in temperature would raise their activity.
    Hence, more breaths are needed for metabolic reactions.
    Try to refer to their characteristic, like poikilotherms and also determine whether the decreases in quantity of gas affect their mood to breathe, their hobbies---just fall asleep or swim more to prevent from sleeping.
    I hope this could help you.
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    I too believe the fish will breathe slower. But I'll not give you a reason until you think about it a little more.

    Hint : The nature of your experiment should clue you into the reason. What does your experiment involve ? I suspect this is a chemistry experiment, rather than a biology one.
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    A few more questions to help prompt you along toward finding an answer. What is the relationship of the solubility of gases in water to changes in temperature? Which direction would this change go if the water temperature got cooler? How would this affect how much oxygen is available for the fish?
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    hmm Moonbear Im not sure but if the water gets colder will there be less oxygen for the fish to breath? Im still a little confused, If there is less oxygen then wont the fish need to breath faster in colder water? hmmmm :confused: Im still not sure, need more help please. :redface:

    Oh by the way this is Biology
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    Try to think of the pressure.
    If you are in lower college, I suggest that you learn about the gas law. It is very interesting. Just read it in your leisure time. 5 mins could help you much.
    Solubility of gas is inversely proportional to temperature.
    I give you some hints. Metabolic reaction and Adaption and their characteristics.
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