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Effective resistance

  1. Mar 26, 2003 #1
    hey i have a problem with effective reisitance of a circuit

    what is the current in a circuit containing a 10V battery , the resistance consists of a wire in the shape of a regular hexagon (all sides equal) with all the diagonals drawn. each side of the hexagon and each portion of the diagonal has a resistance R .
    (say the hexagon is ABCDEF and O is the pt. of intersection of all the diagonals then resistance of AB = resistance of BC= ....= resistance of OA = resistance of OC ...)
    i hope u understand..i would display a diagram if i could..but right now i am not able to..nevertheless , would appreciate any help.
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    try to rearrange all the resistors
    just like with a cube of resistors, where you end up with (R//R//R)+(R//R//R//R//R//R)+(R//R//R)
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    do u mean..that i should try and figure out series and parallel connections..if that's what u mean..i did try.but i was'nt able to identify pts. having the same potential ,which is what one ought to do...isn't it ?

    is there anyway u could explain what should be done a little more in detail?
    thanks in advance
  5. Mar 26, 2003 #4
    what you said is what i meant, i am not good in that solving that kind of problems
    but if you can make a picture maybe i can help, am now in doubt whoich circuit you mean i can think of 2 different circuits now
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