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News Effects of Boycotting

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    No, I'm not refering to the latest anti-Canadianism going on in the B(eautiful)US of A. (Actually that's all a cover for our special-ops... from the JTF2... who have been in Iraq for 2 months preparing the way for what was supposed to be a quick change of regime (and lube and filter).

    Yes, we have good Canadian guys running around in arab costumes getting very close to what has been considered good targets... and minimizing colateral damage.

    We also have troops working with American AWACs and on the ground with American troops. We also have ships off-shore in support of your wonderful men and women and what little troops we have left are still in Bosnia and Afganistan.

    So... next time you want to buy Maple Syrup or Molson's Canadian Beer... don't feel bad... we're here to help everyone. Have a good beer!

    What I wanted this topic to examine are the effects of boycotts on underdeveloped or developing countries.

    Here are some examples:

    North Korea. Here we see that some administration has had no boycott against giving the North Korean's money... 90billion in loans and grants... yet the country has had a boycott surrounding it concerning other essencials like paper, food, clothing and things like that.

    Any comments about this dilemma would be appreciated.

    Cuba. Here we see a small island nation surviving on what they can produce themselves because some administration has decided they are bad and they don't get products or raw materials from anyone in the world. I have confirmation, now, that Cuba has a 99% literacy rate and a very low crime rate. But, they are boycotted for some reason.

    And comments?

    Iraq. Boycotts against Iraq have been on and off. They get lots of money for military spending but no medical supplies or exchange teachers or food or whatever. No training. What's with this?


    I suppose there is a larger list of boycotted countries and it would be nice to have them all to do the best possible study on what effects boycotts have on a nation.

    In my opinion, boycotting turns a nation into a starved animal. It makes them want to fight. There is a natural tendency for them to want to expand in the hope of new resources. It makes them very aggressive. Even North Korea has come to the point where they threaten the United States with Nukes. Nukes built with American money.

    Curiousor and curiousor.
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    Huh? Source? $90 billion is more foreign aid than we give to all countries combined. And I believe we DO give food to N Korea (or at least we did until they started the current standoff).
    We hold a grudge. Sue us. But there is NOT a world-wide embargo of Cuba.
    Maybe you'r having trouble with timeframes - we do NOT give Iraq money for weapons (we haven't since the 80s) and we DO give them food (oil for food program).

    Your opinion is based on some major factual errors.
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    My opinion is based on what I've heard on television and read in the news.
    Who really knows? Does Sam Donaldson know? Does Chris What's his name know? Doe's Ted down at CNN really know what gives? (EDIT: $90 billion in "aid" over 10 years)

    You get told one thing. I get different news. Who's right?

    The plain fact is we have been told about inhuman actions in these countries that have been boycotted or embargoed. Are these true stories? Is it the "regime" doing these acts?

    The embargos may have been initiated because of the actions these regimes take. And the action these regimes take may be a result of the embargos.

    That's what this thread is about.

    What is the effect of embargos and boycotts?

    Do they help anyone? Does embargo help to enlighten a boycotted nation by denying them education, food and raw materials..?

    I don't see Jim Long Bottom Chowderhead losing any weight. Nor Fidel on the Roof... nor is Sadd-am-foot-stuck-in-the-door getting peckish by any stretch.
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