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Effects of General Relativity

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    Hi! Need some help here.

    Are the effects of general relativity reciprocal in two reference frames? Let's say for example that there is one man at the bottom of a really, really tall building, and another at the top. The man at the top floor should perceive the man at the bottom to be experiencing effects like time dilation, since he is at closer proximity to the gravitational field of the Earth. What would the man at the bottom floor see as happening to the man at the top floor? Would he see the man at the top as experiencing time dilation as well, or would he possibly see time at the top floor as moving faster?

    Help please. I hope I stated my question clearly enough. :smile:
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    No, the effects of general relativity are not reciprocal. The atomic clocks at Greenwich England near sea level tick at a different rate than identical atomic clocks at a much higher elevation in Boulder Colorado. They each can see the other clocks ticking at different rates.
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    Thanks guys! :biggrin:
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