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Efficiency of a solar panel

  1. Jun 13, 2012 #1
    Sorry I was unsure where to submit this thread.
    I am doing a school project on designing a solar system for my home and I was wondering how the efficiency of a cell is calculated.

    The way I calculated it, which i read of a web site is...
    1. calculate area of cell (in meters)
    2. divide watt of cell by area = efficiency.

    Area: 61.39*41.18in2 = 2 528.0402 in2 = 2 528.0402*(0.0254)2 meters2 = 1.63099042 m2.

    Total watt: 327

    Efficiency = 327 / 1.63099042 = 200.491674.

    What I am doing wrong?

    The efficiency of my panel is 20-21 %


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    Actually because efficiency = energy out as electricity / energy in as light

    would the correct calculation be 200.491674w-m^2/1000w-m^2 =0.200491674

    where 1000w-m^2 is the most amount of power a panel can intake
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