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Efficiency of Ejector as pump

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    Efficiency of Ejector "as pump"

    I was asked to find the efficiency of a steam ejector experiment "as a pump". So I tried the formula :

    [(m(P/density + V^2/2))discharge - (m(P/density + V^2/2))suction]/
    (m(P/density + V^2/2))steam inlet.

    I am getting an efficiency of 0.5%.

    Is this a reasonable result or am I approaching this wrong?

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    Re: Efficiency of Ejector "as pump"

    Hi, I am interested in these pumps but I have no idea what kind of pressure/flow ratios they can get. Can you please tell me for what measured values you got for 0.5% efficiency?

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    Re: Efficiency of Ejector "as pump"

    I don't think your formula is suitable,you can read the paper 《An investigation of ejector design by analysis and experiment》,which can be down load from http://ejector.getbbs.com/ [Broken]
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