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Efficiency/stiffness of various caliper designs.

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    I am doing a bit of a research project, mathematically modelling a production road car braking system. So far my model seems to work very well, but am I finding discrepancies in different caliper designs, where the fundamental stats (moment arm/piston area) are the same yet users reviews state a noticeable change in braking performance.

    I can only attribute this phenomenom to the difference in caliper stiffness and overall efficiency incorporating friction losses. Previously I had assumed the differences to be marginal at best and simply tagged the caliper clamp force equation with the overall system efficiency of a hypothetical 90%, however this is clearly not providing me with the level of accuracy I am seeking.

    I need to revise the model with a seperate effeciency input for the caliper, however I have no idea on any values to use for varying caliper designs.

    My initial thoughts:
    Single piston sliding - 80%
    Dual piston sliding - 82%
    Factory fit 4 piston fixed - 85%
    Lightwight aftermarket 4 piston fixed - 87%
    Twin block 4 pot fixed - 90%
    Mono block 4 pot fixed - 89%

    If anyone here would be able to shed any light on whether these splits are in the right ballpark, it would be greatly appreciated.
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