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Efficient sampling of function. [Mathematica]

  1. May 14, 2012 #1
    Hey there PF.
    I wanted to ask here if someone had any input as to why a tiny part of my code is "slow".

    I have sloved a somewhat big eq.system numerically with Mathematica. Now, I do not really need the
    actual integrated functions and so I sample them.

    Below: I sample (picks out only 4 datapoints within each time unit) numerical values of the actual integrated functions through the use of Block and with
    digits 12. I put these values into a table for interpolation later. "Solution" contains these functions
    that I wish to sample, part "f" is present because I want to store for some different parameter values and "k"
    denotes the index of solution function. (If you'd like, nevermind the "Joining"-part)

    gSolutionPart =
    Block[{t = v}, Subscript[y, k][t] /. Solution[[f, 1, k]]],
    12], {f, 1, diffrentb}, {k, 1, 201}, {v, i,
    i + (parttime - 1/4), 1/4}];
    If[i == 0, gSolution = gSolutionPart,
    gSolution =
    Table[Join[gSolution[[f, k]], gSolutionPart[[f, k]]], {f, 1,
    diffrentb}, {k, 1, 201}]];

    I was keeping track of the time things in my code take, and then I noticed that this sampling takes a vast
    majority of time. Example: I integrate for a solution that spans a measly 10 time units. Integration took not
    even 1 minute. Sampling took 9 minutes. Yay. And when I sought a solution for something more accurate over a
    larger intervall, integration took ~50 minutes. I waited hours on the sampling but..

    Can anyone give some tips on how to improve this without having some huge RAM spike?
    I am quite the noob when it comes to coding, but I wish to learn.
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