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Effiency of Wave Power

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    What do you think the Efficiency of Wave Power is in percentages?

    Im trying to figure out the waste of the wave power and then trying to put it in a sankey diagram.

    So for example:

    25% Efficient
    20% Thermal/Heat Energy​
    Electrical energy in the TV -
    25% Light Energy
    30% Sound Energy​

    If you get what I mean, that's what I would like to know for Wave Power and if possible, Nuclear Energy.

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    Normally efficency is quoted in terms of the amount of energy extracted form the fuel - it's not clear how you specify the efficency for a wind/wave power.
    Do you count the proportion of the energy that is extracted form the wave that hits the machine, or all the waves that pass the site?
    So a poor unit that only extracted 0.1% of the energy but was strung across the entire ocean would be better or worse than a single turbine that was more efficent but only intercepted a tiny part of the tidal stream

    Really you should be more concerned about the cost of the generated power.
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