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Effin stupid trivia Q

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    THe answer given is C: All of these

    Now, are A & C not equivalent??????
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    It appears so. Personally, I've always preferred to stuff him into a garbage bag and transport him in the trunk of a Buick.
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    B would be covered by A, but since they put it up then both are correct, hence C.

    My mom and I were just talking about the Chevy Chase movie where the grandmother dies on a road trip and they strap her to the roof of the car, which brought up Little Miss Sunshine as well.
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    neu didn't say that, the effin stupid trivia Q did. I like the mixture of PC and non-PC in the same question.
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    Chi Meson

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    That's the third time we've had that question too.
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    Third time i got it wrong too
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    I think a lot of the speed in those quizzes comes from repeat questions. If you have seen it once you should get it from then on. Were I get in trouble is GUESSING right the first time I see a question. If I did not look closely at the answer the first time I may have to guess a second time.

    I really object to some of those questions, some are nearly like, "what is the color of the house on the NE corner of 75th and Concorde in Albany OR". Is that a triva question?

    Humm... I don't think I have taken todays quiz!
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    Quite honestly in my mind they appear the same, so take my word for what you will. This also conjured up some images from Grapes of Wrath by Steinbeck
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    What have I got in my pocket?
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