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Egg cart

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    i need some help.

    i am supposed to design a vehicle that is powered only by one standard rubber band to transport an egg to the greatest possible horizontal displacement without breaking the egg.

    the vehicle cant have any rotating parts.
    must be constructed from basic parts (ie not components from a toy)
    the vehicle is to be launched using a catapult using one standard rubberband. (which can be cut if needed)
    the catapult must be anchored to the ground

    all feedback is greatly appreciated.

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    Stop posting the same thread over and over. It shouldn't be hard to figure out that it doesn't do you any good: We are less inclined to help annoying people.
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    I cannot think of any 'vehicle' that doesn't have rotating parts. !!!
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    Saturn 5 ..........
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    Now, where would the standard rubberband come in to play in a Saturn V?

    Apart from it being a very, how to put it, complicated and dangerous way of transporting eggs.
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    How about a slingshot with a couch cushion at the landing spot?
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    I'd look into using 3 or 4 short runners like skates to minimize friction, built onto a wide-stance box to hold the egg. Something like paper clips glued on edge-wise might do it. Then just put a nock like the back of an arrow on the rear section for the elastic to push against. Maybe a couple of vertical fins would help keep it going straight.
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