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Homework Help: Egg Drop Contest

  1. Jan 29, 2012 #1
    Hi, we are doing an egg drop contest in my Physics class and I was hoping to get some ideas for the best capsule possible. Here are the rules:
    - No pre constructed containers (cans, boxes, bottles, glass, uncut plastic bags, egg containers etc)
    -capsule dimensions must not exceed 6 inches in any direction
    - parachute is used, must initially collapse and extend when it is attached to carabiner
    - drop is about 12.5 feet
    - capsule can hang at most 12 in from bottom of carabiner to top of capsule
    - capsules must have a hatch so the egg can be put in and taken out in class
    - if multiple groups have eggs that don't crack then the team with the lightest capsule wins
    - eggs must be put in the capsule in one minute and taken out 10 seconds after it hits the ground
    I was thinking of making a network of straws to protect the egg, but getting it in and out withing the time limit seems like it would be difficult.
    Any advice would be helpful, thank you!
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    Popcorn is very light and has a nice cushioning effect.
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