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Homework Help: Egg Drop Contraption

  1. Mar 17, 2014 #1
    Hi, I am working on an Egg Drop Contraption as a Physical Science project. I need some help on a 1 page report I need to make.

    First, let me explain how my project will work so you can know how to answer my questions.
    I will have a box a bit bigger than the egg itself. The walls, floor, and the lid's bottom will have cotton. There will only be enough space for only the egg to fit inside. This will prevent it from cracking from a 5 meter drop.

    It must contain formulas of physics explain why it didn't crack. I need to know what formulas to put and how to explain them.

    I need to know how this can be applied to real world events.

    Thank you for reading, and I look forward to your answer.
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    Welcome to the PF.

    We require that you do the bulk of the work on your schoolwork projects -- it is against the PF Rules (see Site Info at the top of the page) for us to give you answers. We can provide hints, ask questions, etc. But we may not do your work for you.

    So what are your initial thoughts on your project? How did you pick the technique you have chosen? What have you been learning in physics class that can help you answer these questions?
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    Hello fresh one, and welcome to PF.
    Please use the template. It helps you to order your thoughts, ask a question that is to the point, etc. It helps us determine what level and what kind of assistance really is helpful. After all, you don't want us to do your work because then you'd have to hand over the credit as well. See the guidelines.

    An egg is incredibly strong. Just try to squeeze one by applying manual pressure from all around (if you hand is big enough). No chance. But a prick with a pin will easily go through.

    For real world events you can think about motorcycle helmets. Just like the egg protects the embryo inside, the skull protects the brain. Quite efficiently, but hard collisions with hard and/or sharp objects are usually fatal.

    Show some of the stuff you have learned so far: how fast does it go when it hits the ground ?
    What force is needed to crack the shell when you carefully push it's sharp end down on a scale (might well be a kitchen scale isn't enough and you need a scale to weigh persons!) . And sideways ?

    Can you convert force to g forces like jet pilots use ?
    So you know about F = ##\Delta p/\Delta t ## ?
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