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Homework Help: Egg drop design

  1. Mar 10, 2005 #1
    egg drop tomarrow and no idea what to do i need help really bad
    rules- max. two different type packing materials
    3 materials in all
    egg must survive drop from gym rafters
    if it brakes i get 0
    egg will be raw
    no parachutes
    egg cannot be fully covered

    PLZ help, need ideas QUICK
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    Andrew Mason

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    There are a few things you can think about: 1. Maximizing the force that the egg can withstand before breaking by distributing that force over as much of the surface of the egg as possible, and 2. increasing the time that the egg takes to come to a stop. 3. minimizing the speed of descent by making the egg as bouyant as possible - try making it fall like a feather.

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    also what materials can you use?
  5. Mar 12, 2005 #4
    Make an egg catcher out of paper:
    a friend made one that was a cone. It kept the egg intact after a 30 feet drop! (and the egg had no parachute or anything.)
  6. Dec 16, 2009 #5
    use cotton balls
  7. Dec 14, 2010 #6
    I had a similar project and had to drop an egg 70+ feet.

    We used a box in a box design (inside another box) with great success.

    Crumple up newspapers to line the outer box, which protects the inner box. Also, crumple up newspapers in the inner box, which protects the egg.

    I read the following article, which is funny and insightful...


    You also may want to read this article as a reference...


    Hope the info is helpful...

  8. Dec 20, 2010 #7
    I need an egg drop design:

    1. shock absorbing material must be in container; no balloons or bubble wrap.
    2. no parachute
    3. Food may be used...but not the only shock absorbing material;
    4. can be as tall as i want. but no wider than 50 cm
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    AfricaFreak67, firstly I recommend you start your own thread.

    Secondly, we cannot just give you answers, you must show your own approach and methods for solving the problem and we will guide you.

  10. Dec 23, 2010 #9
    How do i start my own thread?
  11. Dec 23, 2010 #10
  12. Dec 24, 2010 #11
    :eek:Thank You. I now know what to do and I think I can have a new thread made for tomorrow:wink:
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