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Homework Help: Egg Drop Device

  1. Nov 6, 2004 #1
    Egg Drop Device!!!

    I have to create an Egg Dropping Device for my Physics class using these materials:

    10 straws

    8 x 8 cardboard piece

    cellotapes (to attach the joints and nothing else!) :surprised

    The egg must survive a fall of about... 10 ~ 15 feet I assume...

    Please feel free to post your kind advices! :smile:
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    The idea expressed in this experiment is all about easing the impact. My last year's physics class tried to break an egg JUST by throwing it. Everyone got a turn to throw the ball and it NEVER cracked. How you ask? Well, we were throwing the egg at a bed cover. Two people were holding it and no matter how hard you threw the egg, it would not crack, because the sheets absorbed the impact. I hope this helps you out. For your project, I would suggent crumple zones to absorb the impact. Also, watch this...the're so cute!

    http://students.ed.uiuc.edu/freymuth/490i/egghints.htm [Broken]

    http://students.ed.uiuc.edu/freymuth/490i/eggdropvideo.htm [Broken]
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    It isn't that difficult, I was in Science Olympiad for two years as a freshman and sophomore in highschool and we had to do this as an event. Occasionally the egg would break but we usually managed to keep it in one piece :smile:
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    Oh and it is possible that the science olympiad website has some suggestions but it has been too long for me to remember (its probably something easy like scienceolympiad.com) you can try searching google.
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