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Egg Drop lab: HELP

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    HELP me PLease
    I have my final in my class tomorow and im freaking out. it is an Egg Drop lad. we are droping it from 10m high and we can only use 200g (includes Egg)im not very good at physics and i have to get a good grade can someone give me an idea on what to make for my package? i cant use buble wrap and styrofoam smaller than a golf ball.
    i really have no idea what im doing
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    put the egg in a bag(preferably ziplock or something similer) fill with air and close very tite and well. Tape the openning end just incase. Now sorround the rest with 6 ziplock bags filled with air and closed tite for top, bottem, left, right, front, and back of the bag with egg inside.

    If you try this tell me if it works.

    Good luck!
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    Remember, it's not the fall, but the sudden stop at the end, that hurts.

    If you make the stop less sudden, the egg will probably survive.

    Parachutes are easy.
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    I have never seen a parachute actually work well.
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    wrap the egg in guzz or something soft and then get an old pillow that has stuffing in it, take the stuffing out and then put the stuffing in a plastic bag and put the egg in a beer bottle holder and then put it in the middle of it. my friend did it and her egg never broke.
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    Rmember, parachutes are able to work because the paracuter( ok I dont know what to call him) achieves terminal velocity due to viscous forces acting on the parachute. The larger the surface area of the eggs, the faster it achieves terminal velocity and the smaller the terminal velocity. So you need a large surface area. Maybe you can stick the eggs to a VERY large piece of cardboard. You should bear in mind to stick them to the edges so the cardboard wouldnt flip.
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