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Homework Help: Egg drop nned help now

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    Egg drop nned help now!!

    I need help on this project that is due Oct 25. The project is an egg drop. The task is to design and construct a landing pad for a raw egg that will prevent the egg from breaking. The only materials we can use are 10 sheets of regualar paper, 8 straws, 1 meter of string, 1 meter of masking tape, 4 small to medium paper of styrofoam cups, 8 rubber band, and 900 square centimeters of cardboard. Key is that the construction must be at floor level and the egg must survive a 4 meter drop. Nothing can be attached an egg.
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    You thought of any designs ..... ?
    Draw them up if u can ... and attach
    so that we can comment on it ...

    -- AI
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    Basically, just look at the concept behind this and see how you can apply it to the problem.

    In its simple form, Newton tells us that [tex]F=\frac{\Delta p}{t}[/tex]

    It makes sense that you would want to minimize the force on the egg to prevent it from breaking.

    If you just drop an egg onto the ground, just before it hits the egg will have some velocity [tex]v[/tex] and some mass [tex]m[/tex]. The time between the initial touching of the ground and when the egg comes to rest is very very small. Thus, you can conclude that the force will be great.

    However, if you can somehow extend that time, the egg will undergo a smaller force and won't break.
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    Make full use of the materials you can use. How can each material contribute to the protection of the egg? How can I combine all the materials? Some materials are strange, should I not use them or use them? What about a creative or crazy idea, maybe it works...
    You can think like that and write down your thoughts then analyze the notes. Hope this helps!!
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    Here's what I tried yesterday. Tell me if it is good enogh or not. I put 4 paper cups taped down to a 900 square centimeter square. I put 2 to 3 scrumbled sheets of paper in each of the cups. It worked pretty well but did it work good enough. Thanks!
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    You have the materials and you're the one testing so you should know what will work or not. If you have the resources you can just keep testing various devices and see which one works the best and then see which elements of certain ones work the best
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    I think straws would be good "buffers". Maybe you can add those into the cups. Make full use of the materials! But, like dav2008 said, you are the one who is testing so you would know what will work.
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    Hey i got a GRRRRRRRREAT idea, and i am also doing the egg drop lab! WHAT IS your email and we can bounce ideas off one another

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