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Egg drop project help

  1. Nov 17, 2011 #1
    I have an egg drop project, in which we make a container on the ground that can cushion the fall of the egg. The limits are: 8 cm height max, and 45 x 45 cm box max area and the egg must not break even if it bounces out after hitting the container. It'll be dropped first from a height of 2 meters, then 4 meters. I got a 7 cm tall box and filled it with bubble wrap, and tried dropping it from 2 meters. Problem is, the egg bounces out every time and breaks when test out from 2 meters from . Is there any way I can prevent the egg from bouncing, such as putting something over the bubble wrap?
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    Have you tried popping the bubble wrap? Just a suggestion.
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    Put a thick layer of very sticky glue over the top layer of bubble wrap. Good luck!
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    Hard boil the egg first.
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    Have you tried filling the box with those small foam pellets you get in some packaging instead? It should prevent the bouncing.
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