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Egg drop strategies

  1. Oct 18, 2007 #1
    yes, the famous egg drop experiment. i really need help with ideas on what to construct...i was thinking that i would put a small box cushioned inside with toilet paper or tissue paper and lined with folded(like an accordion) paper / inside a bigger...the problem is:
    • The over all dimensions can be no larger than 14 cm
    • The over all weight (without the egg) can not exceed 35 grams.
    • The egg must survive a 4 Meter fall onto a hard surface.
    • The apparatus must be made of paper or paper products
    with the small amount of weight it can be, im not sure it would work...i was also thinking that maybe i should make a parachute to attach to it...or put "wings"

    any thoughts?
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    or maybe attach a parachute???
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    but then that...wouldn't work either since it can only be 14 cm....
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    You should make something like this:

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    I'm not sure if i'm supposed to do click on anything on that last post...it says attachments pending approval? anyways...i went around asking other people about this today and a friend suggested that i should make a collapsing box? has anyone ever tried making one? i'm not really sure what it is...
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    A box with a concertina layer of tissue paper on which the egg rests
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    do you (or anyone) have a diagram for this? could you describe how to make one?
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    is it something like this?

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