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Homework Help: Egg Drop structure

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    Okay, here's the deal: I am doing an egg drop tomorrow in my physics class. We are allowed only 25 straws, and scotch tape to do it. What would be the most effective structure to use for this?

    By the way, my teacher didn't tell us of any limit on the amount of tape we were allowed to use.
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    Depending on the height of the drop, and what the competition is structured like, my suggestion would be making some sort of flexible net with a tape bottom. so make a loose grid, that could catch the egg, but make sure it can bend, to absorb the force of the egg easily without pushing back much, kind of like a net does when it catches you from a fall... I didnt really understand how you drop the egg, but that is what i would do, if your supposed to just "catch" the egg before it hits the ground. If your supposed to drop the egg inside something that consists of the straws and tape, i would personally build a box that perfectly fits the egg, and then a bigger box surrounding that with tape helping to cushion the fall, but make sure the egg cannot move at all, and that its got cushioning like the "net" i said to make in the first one ( hint: the net holding the egg up initially might make a good bottom, so that the egg doesnt move untill it hits and then the net would slow the egg alot ) Hope this helps, have fun with your project
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    RE:[Egg drop]

    We are dropping the device with the egg
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    Can you cut the straws?

    How high is the drop?
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    Ok, So here is what I personally would do to give you an idea. Build a cube out of the straws, just a bit bigger than the egg ( big enough for the egg, the net, and some room for the net to bend). Then build 6 small nets out of the cut straws, probably like a tic tac toe board, and tape them together with a little bit of room, then some how figure out how to hold the net in the center of the cube so that each side has some bending room. ( make sure that the nets arent to flexible, but not to taught either ) That would be my idea, try not to copy it, and come up with some ideas of your own and be creative with the tape to ensure extra safety :smile:
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    I was thinking maybe a small tetrahedron around the egg, and then another one maybe an inch or so out, and so on until I run out of straws. I would of course be securing everything with tape.

    And yes we can cut the straws.

    The first drop is eight feet high, and and going up from there, until the roof (about 30 feet)
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    I would say build the strongest cube you can possibly build using straws. just the sides of the cube (not the faces). Maybe put straws inside each other to make them stronger and then make sure the corners are very secure and that it's hard for the sides of the cube to move. You might want to put straws between opposite sides or corners of the cube to make it stronger. After that, wrap tape around the egg and put it in the middle of the cube. Extend a piece or pieces of tape (after wrapping it around the egg) to each side of the cube and maybe even the corners so that it looks like the drawing. Of course, depending on the height of the drop, this device may not withstand anything but it's my best idea.

    PS. I never tried this before :tongue2:

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    Thats basically what i was trying to say, except i doubt if he/she can wrap the egg in tape, so i said to use the tight "net" things
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    Did you guys see my message up there?
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    Well, I would think the most interesting thing to do would be to build a parachute out of the straws and tape. Then have it encased in a box type thing. I mean, you could build a box with much less then 25 straws. And since you have unlimited tape, you could easily make the mesh for a parachute.
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    I thought of that Zlex but do you think the parachute would with hold? I didnt think it would have much of an effect because itd be heavy, unlike a cloth parachute which is light. But i dont know, it is very reasonable

    I am going to go try this just to see :rofl:
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