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Homework Help: Egg drop using helium balloons

  1. May 23, 2005 #1
    yes this is an egg drop project once again, i had the idea to use helium balloons, but the problem is that the whole thing must fit in a grocery bag. only two balloons fit in a grocery bag! that cant carry very much! we cant use paracutes, otherwise we can do anything. i tried just now to cut a square piece of styrofoam and put the egg insided a hole i made in it. a tied the two balloons to the square and dropped it. the egg rolled out of it and cracked, and that was from a hieght to about 7-8 feet! we are dropping them from i'm guessing over 50-60 feet! please help my idea work or help me to think of a new one! the project is due tomorrow! im usually very good at science, but im stuck! please help me!
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    i remember making somehting to protect an egg for some class, i used a styrofoam from a box which came with my laptop, the foam was very good quality, and i did the whole cude thing, cut the cube in half, amde a place for the egg. and taped it up

    to my surprise there was no way for me to hurt the egg, i played a little football with it, if you dont have that kind of foam then, heres what i thought of: take a cordboard box, 5inches cube, (5 x 5 x 5) and layer it with plastic inside, and fill it with water, toss the egg in and tape a plastic bag over it, if it's well made, the box wont leak, and the box will likley explode when it hits the groud, but i think the egg may very well survive. thats just what i thought of...
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    well here is what i did, if anyone wants to know...i took a can cooler and put a plastic bag on the bottom, then i put the egg in a plastic bag and put it in the middle, and on the top i put in, guess what, another plastic bag. i used a needle to pull the thread through three sides of the can cooler, i then tied the strings of the balloons to the thread. we did the egg drop today and my egg survived with no cracks, much to everyones suprise. they all thought it was too small, but the balloons made it go a lot slower than everyone elses! (it didnt float down though) so i did it all by myself because no one decided to reply until it was too late, but that's ok because what i did worked and i'm very proud of myself!
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