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Homework Help: Egg problem

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    This is a one dimensional problem just in case anyone needlessly accounts for horizontal velocity.

    An egg is thrown upward from the edge of a building. The egg falls next to the edge (i.e., without hitting it) and after traveling down 50 more meters more, it has been 6 seconds since the egg was released.

    a) what is the initial speed of the egg thrown?

    I had to break it up into 2 parts ( path before max altitude, and path after). I had a system of equations basically with a time1 and time2 (corresponding to the two different paths) and a net big five equation which had the displacement (-50) as the difference between the displacements of the two paths. This gave me a time (after the egg returned past the edge) of 3.19 seconds, and this led to an initial speed of 80.57 meters/second.

    b) What is the maximum height of the egg relative to its start?
    This time, using Big five number 5, I got 331 m

    I think these are very wrong and they were on my physics test today, which my physics teacher gave me half as much time as everyone else for.
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    There was another part to this problem, but I forgot the exact wording so I'll leave it out.
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