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Eggs refridgerated or not?

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    WHen you buy them they are not refridgerated but everyone seems to put it in a fridge when they're home. What do you do and why?
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    Eggs should stay in the refrigerator until they're cooked.

    I've never bought eggs unrefrigerated, in fact, I've never heard of it.
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    It's more or less like a safe place to keep them. Kept anywhere else carelessly may cause them to break or something..

    More or less it's for our own psychological reasons, i guess.
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    Well it depends where you get them.

    At my stores, they refrigerate the eggs. I mean the way I see it, they just do that so the eggs last longer. That's mainly the reason why my parents store them in the fridge. It definitely would last longer in a fridge IMO than just leaving it outside.

    I believe the ones that are out in the store are there because of baking reasons. I read online that it's better for baking purposes because you can just pop it right at home and get straight to baking since it's near room temperature. I also heard that's why before you bake you should leave the eggs out for awhile (not sure since I haven't really thought of it this way before in terms of refrigerating eggs...).

    But that's pretty much why we do it. Plus, in our place, we wouldn't want eggs laying around anyways, little sister might find it and throw em around the house. :)
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    I carpool with a guy who has a hobby farm and we were talking about fresh eggs just the other day. He said you don't have to keep them cold. They will keep a long time at room temp.

    Seems strange but I believe him.
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    I actually watched on FoodTV that Alton Brown (one of those scientific chefs lol) said refrigerated eggs last much longer.

    Maybe someone can test this or already has experience with it?
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    If I remember correctly... I read an article once about carrying eggs in a tube filled with glycerin to keep them fresh on hiking trips. Perhaps the glycerin acts in place of the natural protective seal.
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    Wow. I just read your links, Evo. Has everything already been discussed at one time or another on PF.
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    I actually did quite a bit of searching in this website and believe it or not, even the most "random" topics (such as these) get discussed here.

    This is mainly why it is usually more beneficial to search first before creating topics. :)
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    Yes, yes, I am afraid that "EVERY" topic in this universe has already been discussed and solved on PF.

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    Same... the fact that this question even has to be asked makes me sad...
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    Well it's not that uncommon for me and I live in California.

    You just have to go to non-American stores and you'll find them.
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    Uhm, you need to read the facts. Eggs (unprocessed) do not need refrigeration. :smile:
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    You can not make a good yorkie pudding with refrigerated eggs, thats my excuse for flat
    puddings any way.
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    My wife just cracked open a fertilized egg earlier this week. I hadn't seen one of those since I was a kid.
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