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EHT transformer

  1. Mar 11, 2008 #1
    Ozone Generation (Help required)

    I am working on the project of "Ozone generation".

    Generation of ozone is done using discharge tube working at around 6KV. But the source from where I got the details of the project doesnt provided the information on the construction part of it.

    Please help me by giving the link where I can find the constructional details of generating ozone through discharge tube.

    I have the diagram of the discharge tube which I have attached with this post.
    Please help me its urgent.

    If it is convinient for you plz mail me any details at nirav0279@gmail.com .

    Thank you.

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    My project title is ozone generator. In my project there is one EHT Transformer (i.e LOT 2070 EHT Transformer). I m unable to find the specification of this transformer , its pin configuration and other detail. So please help me out giving some or other details or the link where i could find the link of its specification.
    If posible mail the details to nirav0279@gmail.com or else post here itself.

    Thank You.
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    Multiple threads merged.

    logical, can you give us any more information to try to help you out? Where did you find the transformer and tube?
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    I would be a little leary of this setup. With 6kV, you're going to possibly have arching through the epoxy generating heat that could cause the tube to shatter.
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