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Homework Help: Eigenvalues and eigenvectors

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    Hey guys,

    I'm studing to my exams now, and I came accors this question i eigenvectors where you find them and bla bla. There is part to it which asks to express vetor

    X= [2/1]

    as a linear combination of eigenvectors. Hence calculate B2X, B3X, B4X and B51X, simplifying your answers as much as possible.

    How do you do the linear combination?

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    The "bla bla" does not help at all. Perhaps you could post the entire question?

    For example, what does "[2/1]" mean? Is that a two dimensional vector with components 2 and 1? Write it as a linear combination of what eigenvectors? Is there some matrix or linear transformation you haven't mentioned? And what are " B2X, B3X, B4X and B51X"? Those are not standardized notations.
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    Ok sorry I suppose I didn't make myself clear.

    I have two eigenvectors.

    First: Look at 1.jpg
    Second : Look at 2.jpg

    The vector X (look at 3.jpg) is to be written as a linear combination of eigenvectors. How do you do that? It's just a theory I'm interested in not solution to the question.

    Thanks and sorry for inconvenience.

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    OK, now your question is clear. Let v1=(-3,1) be the first eigenvector, and v2=(-2,1) the second one. Now you want "a1" and "a2" such that

    X = a1 v1 + a2 b2

    That is equivalent to solving a linear system

    [2] = [-3 -2] [a1]
    [1] [ 1 1] [a2]

    Where the eigenvectors went as columns.
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    So the answer should look like this (look at the ans.jpg)?
    And are a1 and a2 variables?

    Thanks a lot!

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    correct! :)
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    Thanks a lot jrlaguna!
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