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Eigenvectors and using them in matrix algebra.

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    Marix A=

    |1 1 0 |
    |0 2 0 |
    |2 1-1 |

    Has three eigenvectors [1,1,1]^T, [1,0,1]^T and [0,0,1]^T, By using this knowledge solve A^11.

    Ok, solving A^11 is rather easy with any decent calculator, or even with pen , paper and some time, but how on earth I'm supposed to benefit from thoose eigenvectors?

    Thank you.
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    Look up "diagonalization".

    Let P be the 3x3 matrix whose columns consists of the eigenvectors of A. Then P^-1AP is a diagonal matrix (where the entries are the eigenvalues of the eigenvectors). If D is that diagonal matrix, we have P^-1AP = D <=> A = PDP^-1, so that A^m = P * D^m * P^-1 for natural m (the last step can be proven with induction). But calculating D^m is easy, just raise each non-zero entry to the power of m. Then it's just a matter of working out what P^-1 is, and then multiplying the matrices.
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