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Eight Days Underwater!

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    Here: http://news.yahoo.com/video/oddnews-22772304/odd-news-paraglider-vs-bird-double-double-delivery-8-day-dive-record-27140303.html [Broken]

    Skip the feathers. I applaud the guy. True, just a few feet, but he's on SCUBA, so sleeping? Gosh! Never did that. Took a few micronaps in my day, usually under helmet. Sleep when you can... Just wake up.
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    Wow. How did he, erm, go, I wonder? I bet his mouth/teeth were sore from the respirator...and can you imagine wearing a mask for 8 days? Ouch. And yeah, sleeping? He must have strapped the respirator to his head somehow...?
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    His skin must have been nearly falling off his body!
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    A guy who broke the record for 24-hour swimming already had the skin on his fingers practically falling of (despite covering them in glycerin), how can you survive 8 days?
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    From what I've seen of these attempts at records, the person is allowed a certain amount of time to go to the bathroom, rest briefly, walk around, etc... kind of ruins the stunt. Back in the olden days people made records the hard way, no breaks.
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    So long as the water was being slowly replenished, urination isn't a problem. Defecation is, however, unless there's an "exit strategy" in place, Lol!
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