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Eightfold Way Question

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    I'm new to physics forums, so if this post is in the wrong area please let me know. I'm looking for help with a paper I'm writing about the eightfold way pattern for my physics class. One of the requirements is to relate this pattern to recent experiments. I'm not sure exactly how to do this because I have only had a brief introduction to particle physics. I would greatly appreciate it if someone could,

    Give a few examples of recent experiments that relate to the eightfold way, or explain how this pattern is influencing physics experiments today. Any links or suggestions on where I can find more information on this would be great.
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    you can perhaps mention that the 8fold way is assuing SU(3) flavour symmetry but that symmetry is broken in nature since quarks have different mass.

    Searches for quark masses are done in decays of mesons such as the eta-meson. Isospin breaking is also related to this.

    http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Eightfold_way_(physics [Broken]) (basics)


    http://www.isv.uu.se/wasa/physics.html [Broken]
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