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Einstein and Bergman - Work in WW-II

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    A friend of mine asked me this question
    Does anyone know the answer?


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    Einstein was instrumental in the founding of the National Defense Research Committee (NDRC). One of its first big projects was electronic discrimination of accoustic signals - probably for submarine detection. I don't recall Einstein doing any of the work though.

    Who is Bergmann?

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    "From 1941-1944, Professor Bergmann taught at Black Mountain College and at Lehigh University. From 1944-1947, he was engaged in war research on underwater sound at Columbia University and the Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution"

    Nuts! I lost the site I cut this from.

    Oh well, it's out there somewhere.

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    Some more:

    APS: 2003 Einstein Prize to Peter G. Bergmann Syracuse University (retired) --->

    a result of searching:

    Einstein, PA. 1975. Underwater sonic ray tracing in three dimensions. Journal of sound and vibration. 42 (4) pp503-508

    Albert Einstein Medical Center
    5501 Old York Rd
    Philadelphia PA 19141

    Just a coincidence?
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