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Einstein and Bohr

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    This is more of a historical question than an actual physics question sorry... but it is physics related so here it goes

    I know when they first met Einstein and Bohr became good friends but does anyone know if they stayed that after all their famous debates about the paradoxes of quantum mechanics? I assume they still would be, An adult should be able have intellectual disagreements with someone and still remain great friends its a pretty boring if you hang out with yes men all day. Anyways the reason I ask is every time I read about their debates they're portrayed like they dislike each other.

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    This is an area where my knowledge is quite thin and spotty. Can you summarize and say which paradoxes they famously debated?

    I know there was that famous Solvay conference in Belgium where Einstein made a kind of pontifical declaration about not playing dice.
    Maybe you could remind us of the places, times, topics of the other debates?

    According to Wikipedia (not always reliable) there were no actual debates!

    The discussion between the two was at times either informal or carried out by written communication, and incidentally remained friendly.
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