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Einstein and the Atomic Bomb

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    Hello everyone I am new to PF actually this is my first thread. I am looking for the equation to see how far and how, the radiation from the Nuclear Blast using E=mc^2. Can anybody help???? Please[?]

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    Could you be more specific?
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    You can use e=Mcc2 to calculate the force, but that's it. You cannot use this formula to calculate distance, shockwave, etc. There are many other variables to account for.
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    Actually what they wanted was about fallout radii, a school presentation, apparently.

    They needed to know the types of radiation, the longevity of the radio activity, (as per emitter/emmissions) and the need to pay attention to the direction of the winds
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    Hit the library. There's published material for all of this information.
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    Humm, library? Humm, isn't that a lot like the internet? a big library with actual human intern'actions...

    (wanted a fast(er)/easier reply??)
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