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Einstein Field Equation

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    2g00 = 8πGρ

    According to drphysics, as this is not a tensor equation, we need to change it such that it fits general relativity.

    Gμv = 8πGTμv

    T00 is the energy density. The conversion of the density(ρ) to T00 is it done through E=mc2?


    And since is T00, it will be over c4 instead of c2. Is this how we add c4 to this equation(∇2g00 = 8πGρ) as we convert it to its tensor form?

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    The factor of ##c^4## is for unit conversion; it assumes that you are using conventional units of energy density for the RHS of the field equation and units of curvature (inverse length squared) for the LHS. A quantity with units of energy density is converted to units of curvature by multiplying by ##G / c^4##. (If the RHS is in units of mass density instead, the factor will be ##G / c^2##.)
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