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Einstein had 6 papers Published in 1905.

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    what were they all?
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    I think he had one main paper published that had 4 different ideas in the paper. Brownian morion (proof of atoms), Photoelectric effect, special relativity, and another one about avigadros number and gasses.
    The other papers must have been at other times but he is mostly known for this one paper he submitted. I have read in chemistry books about einstein equations in stuff like chemical equilibrium. It seems like he contributed to every field of science.
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    Einstein only published 3 papers in 1905. The first was on Brownian motion, the second was the special theory of relativity and the third was a paper on relativity in which he derived the formula "e= mc2".

    Many people considered the paper on Brownian motion to be the best of them. It was the one paper (not relativity!) specifically mentioned in his Nobel prize award. Some people considered it the first really convincing proof of the fact that material objects consisted of atoms and molecules as opposed to a continuous substance.
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    Er.. I think it is the photoelectric effect that was predominantly cited for his Nobel prize.


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    Oops! Thanks for the correction.

    (Though my point that it was not relativity still stands. Relativity, at that time, was too "theoretical" for the Nobel prize.)
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    he published the [tex] e=mc^2 [/tex] in his SR paper, this was not a separate paper.
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    i found what i was looking for:

    from: http://www.einstein-bern.ch/index.php?lang=en&show=bern
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