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Einstein paper project

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    Since yesterday, Einstein's collected papers are freely available for viewing on the Princeton University website:


    In particular, this includes free access to all his published scientific papers (German original and English translations) between 1901-1923 in 13 volumes:

    For instance, the English translations of his foundational papers on special relativity (On the electrodynamics of moving bodies, etc.) and quantum theory between 1902-1909 (Vol. 2)

    or the foundational papers on general relativity (vol. 6):
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    Doug Huffman

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    Thanks for the notice, a reminder of its announcement that I received yesterday at my local science discussion forum.
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    Unfortunately, he did so much interesting work on GR throughout the 20s, 30s, and 40s. I await the availability of this. Whenever I want to reference one of the few technical writing from this period I have on paper, I can never find a web link to them. When I first saw your post, I was so excited ... until I read the rest, and see that all it does is collect nicely what is already available online due to copyright expiration. Oh well.
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