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Einstein solid?

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    Philip Wood

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    Does anyone know of a real system for which a collection of (weakly coupled) identical oscillators is a better model than it is for a solid?

    Diatomic gas molcules are a possibility, but I'm really looking for a system of distinguishable oscillators, which no doubt dictates oscillators at (roughly) fixed sites.

    It would also be good if the oscillator frequency were dependent in some clear way on a macroscopic variable such as strain or a field strength. This is probably too much to expect!
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    Doesn't the Einstein model describe well a solid formed of diatomic molecules, at least as far as the internal vibrations of the molecule ("optical modes") are concerned?
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    Philip Wood

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    Thanks for replying. You may well be right. How do you envisage that the diatomic molecules are held together to make the solid? Do you have a particular solid in mind? I need the oscillators to be quasi-independent from the lattice, as I'm looking for a practical near-realisation of a collection of monoperiodic oscillators, as an example for teaching purposes.
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