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Einstein-Yang-Mills question

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    I'm away from my computer (and, unfortunately, my passwords for online journal access) and I'm having a moment of forgetfulness. Can somebody confirm for me that the Einstein-Yang-Mills action with cosmological constant is the following?

    [tex]S = \int d^5x \sqrt{|g^{(5)}|}\left(\frac{1}{16\pi G_{(5)}}(R-2\Lambda_{(5)}) - \frac{1}{4\overline{e}^2}F^{a}_{IJ}F^{aIJ}\right),[/tex]


    [tex]F^a_{IJ} = \partial_IA^a_J - \partial_JA^a_I + \epsilon_{abc}A^b_IA^c_J[/tex]

    and [itex]G[/itex] and [itex]\overline{e}[/itex] are, respectively, Newton's constant and the coupling constant of the gauge field theory? Thanks.
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