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Einstein's fortune

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    What do you think of people that receive huge amounts of money...I take the case of Einstein, who at some time in his life, was disowned by the German Gov (at that "old good time", known as 3rd Reich) ?? First of all, who decides how much, and what is money worth ? Everyone could claim : we are all the same..so if one recieve 1 million $, so everyone ??? I mean social laws arec completely hypocrite and far from reality...What do you think ?
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    i agree with you there.the problem is that from the beginning of human settlements itself, we have shown a tendency for rather irrational behaviour when it comes to money and power.just think about it.i mean, whatever land one wanted,he just took it.so, later, the more land and cattle he owned, the powerful that person became.this power handed through the generations, leading to the oppression of certain sections and the monarchy of others. so the thing is nobody has the right to decide anything about money or power.but,conditioning of 1000s of years has made somethings permissible and some forbidden and some people simply have more power than the others.
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    Quote :

    Paranoia is at the basis of every economically well behaving state. It is the basis of military way of thinking applied to other fields : economy (don't let the other get money power, don't get tricked out by the other)...or every combat (prepare your round, aso...)....It's the most normal behaviour...: even couples are based on this : how do you use your money, what did you do yesterday (infidelity paranoia)...

    Nothing is more healthy than paranoia...we don't say "all for one, one for all", more connected to reality is "everyone against everybody"...this is politically correct, for sure...100%
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