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Einsteins influence on the 20th century

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    2005 will be the World year of Physics (www.wyp2005.org[/URL]). One of the reasons is that it is then 100 years ago that Einstein published some articles that shaped 20th century physics. Among these articles are his special relativity, the explanation of the photoelectric effect, and an interpretation of the Brownian motion. I'd like to find out the implications these ideas had on society and technology.

    For example his special relativity is used in todays satellite navigation, without relativistic corrections GPS would not be as accurate as it is. And ofcourse the impact E=mc^2 had on the world when brought to practice in the atomicbomb is evident.

    His quantum hypothesis introduced to explain the photoelectric effect initiated the development of Quantum Mechanics. What would the world look like if QM was not developed?

    But what was the impact of Einsteins diffusion equation? Where he expressed the diffusion constant in terms of the size of the diffusing particles. And what did the confirmation of the atomic theory by Einsteins explanation of the Brownian motion do to society?

    What are your ideas about the impact these 1905 papers had on society and technology?
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