Einstein's Intelligence Quiz ?

  1. I felt like showing up my mom one night, so I went searching for online IQ tests. While searching I came across this thing:


    I'm curious to know if this is legit or not. Has anyone heard of, or tried this before?

    Anyway, if it is, or even if it isn't by Einstein, I urge you all to give it a shot. You'll feel like your 'The Man' (or woman) when/if you complete it. I know I'm the man!

    Also...keep track of how long it takes you so you can be put in your place
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    After 30 min of puzzling, and coming close to the answer, I made a stupid mistake and have to start overagain :( Pfuw! It is not an eazy puzzel :)
  4. right off the bat without doing any figuring I can say it's solvable with a little bit of abstract thinking. I'll let you know
  5. About 15 minutes and a small piece of paper...

    Highlight below if you really want it...

    < rouf esuoh ni namreg eht >

    EDIT: Stupid mistake. I got the right answer, but typed it up wrong. No seriously :wink:. Maybe that's a mark of a genius?
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  6. Monique

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    How much CPU do you've got?
  7. 20 minutes, and a lot of paper. I couldn't pick which method was best, so redid it like 3 times... how do we know if our answer's right though?

    edit- i realized fz posted his answer... mine only half matches though. is there an official answer somewhere?
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  8. There's something troubling about part of FZ's answer.

    Well of course...my answer is the official answer:smile:

    If you really want to know if your answer is correct, solve it for every house. If you don't feel like solving for every house, Leme know and I'll just send it to you (Ive got much empathy for the lazy)
  9. I felt the same way when I first read it. After spending 20 minutes trying to think of abstract ways to go about solving it, I gave that up for good old dependable trial and error. If you can come up with an abstract route to the answer, definitely consider yourself in that top 2%.
    Good luck!
  10. Monique

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    Yup, I got to the same answer. How did you do it so fast FZ+? I solved the whole thing for every house and it took me 30 min.
  11. I found the answer in around 30 minutes too. This was mostly due to mistakes I made (I kept thinking that Blue Master, Blend and Prince were Beers!). I think the test is a little(!) bit culture-biased as I have never heard of those cigars before, and since I am from far-away Borneo (the country Brunei to be exact), I obviously had a little difficulty. Then again, you could blame me for not having made up a proper list of the beverages, cigars, pets and Nationalities and scratch them of as I filled them into the table.

    But apart from that, I don't think it was too challenging. If I, an ordinary 14-year-old, can do it, so can any adult. Einstein's assumption that only the top 2% of people can do it must be wrong! Here's a table of my results:

    Yellow Blue Red Green White
    Nationality Norwegian Dane British German Swede
    Beverage Water Tea Milk Coffee Beer
    Cigar Dunhill Blend Pall Mall Prince Blue Master
    Pet Cat Horse Bird Fish Dog
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  12. Sorry about my table. Anyway, it is probably for the best as it would make it harder for you to read, thus encouraging you to tackle the problem yourself first!
  13. Monique

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    We have the same nationality for the fish, but my table is very different..

    You say: blue norwegian water dunhill cat
    I say: blue horse tea blend 2 dane
    For the norwegian I DO have the same as you, just in the yellow house. I guess you didn't read the last clue correctly, the Norwegian lives NEXT to the blue house :) that is the mistake I made the first time around too :)

    What do the others have for the blue house?
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  14. Njorl

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    26 minutes

    I replaced everything with numbers in an attempt to force more abstract reasoning, but it didn't work. I just filled in the table and looked for the next piece of "certain" information.

  15. huh? I'm not an einstein if that's what you mean...hehe
  16. Monique

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    That's what I meant proposing to solve the problem by a little abstract thinking, my system would overload :)
  17. well, my answers mathed that link. I solved for everything, it really wasn't that difficult. I'm pretty decent with logic puzzles so i just set up a sort of table thingie. Anyways, that link isn't the same as fz's or monique...

    But yeah, i'd have to say that a lot more people can solve that problem than 2% or whatever.
  18. I think a major factor is in the time it takes to solve it. Yes if you map it out pretty much anyone can solve it given enough time by deductive reasoning. I think the 2% are able to make some abstract short cut connection to solve it much quicker- just an educated guess.
  19. a whole hour but give me some credit im in mid school
  20. Monique, our answers are the same. You just misread my table, that's all! I checked out that website and both our answers are correct.

    BTW, I did this when I was half-asleep (at Midnight Brunei Time) and had school the next day (today) so I did not bother with re-correcting it. Did anyone else do this half-asleep in less than 30 minutes?

    I've only had 5 hours of sleep, so gotta catch up on some sleep now. Good luck to anyone who has not yet tried the puzzle. [zz)] [zz)]
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